Apparel FX has the tools and experience to deliver a unique, quality screen printed product. We specialize in a variety of processes and styles that allow us to give you the custom look and feel you want in your final product.

Apparel FX Birmingham Screen Printing

Plastisol Spot Color Printing

Today the majority of T shirt printing is created using this technique.  A spot color is any color generated by an ink or mixture of ink printed on a single screen. In cases where you must match a particular color exactly then spot color printing is used. We have a wide variety of stock spot colors available and are happy to custom match any Pantone color you provide for a small fee should your design require it. Please see our stock ink color guide HERE..

Process and Simulated Process Screen Printing

Process color screen printing, also known as four-color process screen printing, is a method that reproduces full-color artwork or photographs. The print is comprised of many small dots of ink printed in what we in the industry call halftone patterns to reproduce the full color artwork. Much like your standard inkjet printer at home we use three primary colors, cyan (process blue), magenta (process red) and yellow. The inks are slightly translucent and when printed together with black can product a full color image on a white substrate. When printing on light or dark colored substrates we often opt for a process known as simulated process printing. In addition to the CMYK colors used in process printing this process uses additional spot colors to recreate just about any image on any color substrate. Printing a white under base and a highlight white allows full color images to be printed on even black shirts.

Apparel FX Birmingham Water Based Screen Printing

Water-based Ink and Discharge Ink Printing

Water based ink is a special type of ink that utilizes either a dye or pigment mixed into a suspension with water as the solvent. Once printed the water is evaporated and the ink is set and cured. Water-based inks are a good choice when it is import that your print have a soft hand. A soft hand is the condition where the ink film cannot easily be felt on the fabric once printed, cured and washed. Discharge ink is still a water-based ink but has the added capabilities of printing light colors on darker shirts. In discharge printing a special agent is mixed into the ink that when printed will remove the manufactures original dye, the discharge ink will then re-dye the garment the desired ink color once the ink is cured. We custom mix most of our water-based and discharge inks.

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Even with all these great ways to screen print, you still need a great canvas to hold your designs. Take a look at all our vendors catalogs for a huge selection of styles and colors.

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