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Your brand deserves the attention from someone who knows the business and cares about how you look. Bring your own logo or allow our professional design staff to create you a new corporate identity.


Your Companies image is one of the most important assets you have!

Looking professional is half the battle. Having your team proudly wearing high quality apparel with your logo embroidered on it makes a positive statement to every one who sees them. Why not go with an embroidery service company you can trust.

We realize that you are placing trust in us to make sure that your embroidery order is the best that it can be. Every item stitched here gets complete attention as it is being processed.


Employee pride is a powerful thing! It helps team morale, impresses your customers and even increases the overall work ethic in your company.

Looking good is a great way to start feeling good. Company giveaways and rewards for good effort are a great tool to help motivate your team.

At Apparel FX we are committed to making your corporate apparel embroidery experience a smooth and pleasant memory. No hassles, no problems and nothing but quality embroidered apparel.

Apparel FX Birmingham Golf Team Sportswear


Customized Apparel is a great promotional product! Everywhere you look people are wearing embroidered hats, embroidered shirts, embroidered jackets, embroidered beanies and just about anything else you can think of.

Why not have them wearing YOUR embroidered goods? Creating a clean sharp embroidery logo to put on quality clothing and hats makes your company gear more desirable to wear. Your brand deserves the attention from someone who knows the business and cares about how you look.

Let's get started!

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Even with an amazing logo, you still need a great canvas to display your company’s image and frame your designs. Take a look at all our vendor’s catalogs for a huge selection of styles and colors.

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