Apparel FX Embroidery


Start with a top quality embroidery design created with our industry leading digitization software. Then using our premium threads and state of the art equipment we produce the highest quality embroidered goods.

Apparel FX Screen Printing

Screen Printing

If you need the soft hand of a water based print or the traditional look of plastisol, we have the solution for your next project. Using the best inks and automatic equipment allows us to create brilliant multicolored prints for you or your business.

Apparel FX Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Your brand deserves the attention from someone who knows the business and cares about how you look. Bring your own logo or allow our professional design staff to create you a new corporate identity.

Apparel FX Team Sportswear

Team Sportswear

Let us outfit your team with uniforms, custom apparel, hats, and bags.  Our large selection of brands, styles and color choices bundled with our innovative decoration techniques ensure you’ll find the right fit for your players and fans alike.

Birmingham Embroidery and Screen Printing – Let Apparel FX help bring your ideas to life.

Do you have a great idea?


We have been serving the Birmingham area since 2009.  Let us help you bring your ideas to life and create a customized product that fits both your budget and needs.  We specialize in a variety of offerings including screen printing, embroidery, sport uniforms and corporate apparel. Our team of knowledgeable staff can help you find the solutions you’re looking for.


Apparel FX has the tools and experience to deliver a unique, quality screen printed product. We specialize in a variety of processes and styles that allow us to give you the custom look and feel you want in your final product.


Today the majority of printed apparel is created using this technique.  A spot color is any color generated by an ink or mixture of ink printed on a single screen. In cases where you must match a particular color exactly then spot color printing is used. We have a wide variety of stock spot colors available and are happy to custom match any Pantone color you provide for a small fee should your design require it. Please see our stock ink color guide HERE.


Process color screen printing, also known as four-color process screen printing, is a method that reproduces full-color artwork or photographs. The print is comprised of many small dots of ink printed in what we in the industry call halftone patterns to reproduce the full color artwork. Much like your standard inkjet printer at home we use three primary colors, cyan (process blue), magenta (process red) and yellow. The inks are slightly translucent and when printed together with black can product a full color image on a white substrate. When printing on light or dark colored substrates we often opt for a process known as simulated process printing. In addition to the CMYK colors used in process printing this process uses additional spot colors to recreate just about any image on any color substrate. Printing a white under base and a highlight white allows full color images to be printed on even black shirts.


Water based ink is a special type of ink that utilizes either a dye or pigment mixed into a suspension with water as the solvent. Once printed the water is evaporated and the ink is set and cured. Water-based inks are a good choice when it is import that your print have a soft hand. A soft hand is the condition where the ink film cannot easily be felt on the fabric once printed, cured and washed. Discharge ink is still a water-based ink but has the added capabilities of printing light colors on darker shirts. In discharge printing a special agent is mixed into the ink that when printed will remove the manufactures original dye, the discharge ink will then re-dye the garment the desired ink color once the ink is cured. We custom mix most of our water-based and discharge inks.


Your brand deserves the attention from someone who knows the business and cares about how you look. Bring your own logo or allow our professional design staff to create you a new corporate identity.

Lets face it, if the embroidery digitizing is poor then the embroidery will never look good.  Creating a top level digitized embroidery design requires years of experience and study and the right tools for the job. Our team of professionals proudly works with the industry’s leading digitizing software ‘Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3′ to create the very best embroidered representation of your design. Because we create our own stitch files for every job we have the source embroidery files necessary to transition your design from product to product.

We believe the whole is equal to the sum of its parts. In order to achieve a great product we use only the highest quality parts in everything we do.  We exclusively use Madeira embroidery thread. Madeira uses the finest raw materials available and the most state-of-the-art manufacturing process which is a natural fit for Apparel FX. We have a large selection of specialty threads as well as over eight-hundred (800) colors of Classic Rayon and PolyNeon threads in stock. We can even match most Pantone colors to a stock thread should you need one for your logo. A superior thread selection paired with an extensive variety of backings and toppings ensure that we can create that perfect embroidered design for your next project.

As with just about anything that is replicable, there is a formula for success when it comes to quality embroidery. We start by evaluating the item to be embellished and selecting the correct backing, needles, thread and toppings. Then we combine those with a high quality digitized embroidery file and state of the art equipment to produce the highest quality finished product.


Your brand deserves the attention from someone who knows the business and cares about how you look. Bring your own logo or allow our professional design staff to create you a new corporate identity.


Your Companies image is one of the most important assets you have!

Looking professional is half the battle. Having your team proudly wearing high quality apparel with your logo embroidered on it makes a positive statement to every one who sees them. Why not go with an embroidery service company you can trust.

We realize that you are placing trust in us to make sure that your embroidery order is the best that it can be. Every item stitched here gets complete attention as it is being processed.


Employee pride is a powerful thing! It helps team morale, impresses your customers and even increases the overall work ethic in your company.

Looking good is a great way to start feeling good. Company giveaways and rewards for good effort are a great tool to help motivate your team.

At Apparel FX we are committed to making your corporate apparel embroidery experience a smooth and pleasant memory. No hassles, no problems and nothing but quality embroidered apparel.


Customized Apparel is a great promotional product! Everywhere you look people are wearing embroidered hats, embroidered shirts, embroidered jackets, embroidered beanies and just about anything else you can think of.

Why not have them wearing YOUR embroidered goods? Creating a clean sharp embroidery logo to put on quality clothing and hats makes your company gear more desirable to wear. Your brand deserves the attention from someone who knows the business and cares about how you look.


Apparel FX has the tools and experience to deliver a unique, quality team uniform that last well beyond the seasons end. We specialize in a variety of processes and styles that allow us to give you the custom look and feel you want in your final product.

Let Apparel FX design your next custom team uniform or jersey. With a large selection of today’s top performance fabric options and access to multiple printing techniques, including full dye sublimation, we can get your team geared up with a custom uniform that stands out from the rest. Sit down with one of our team sales specialist and we can get you started or head on over to our catalog section and start browsing one of our many online team sportswear catalogs.

Let everyone know who you support by showing your team spirit with coordinating team apparel. We have a wide selection of items that we can outfit alongside your custom designed uniforms that will bring the spirit of the game to the cheering section. Looking for a spirit jersey or parent shirt? How about a team roster tee to commemorate that winning season. Choose from one of our stock designs or let us build upon your imagination with our graphic design services. Either way you are going to look great with a custom spirit-wear design from Apparel FX.

Not sure how to raise the needed funds to support your team. Our staff can assist you with proven products and promotional items to generate the funds you need with minimal hassle. We offer a turn key solution from custom tailored product selections, order forms, online order placement and sorted, bagged and shipped fulfillment services. Don’t spend all night trying to match and sort orders. Let Apparel FX maximize your profits and minimize the hassle of fundraising.

Apparel FX is your one stop Birmingham Screen Printing and Embroidery shop.

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